Tuesday June 8

09.00-16.30 Conference - at the Royal Academy of Sciences

19.00-21.00 Reception in the city hall of Stockholm. Dinner and guided tour.


Wednesday June 9

Wednesday’s conference and dinner will be held onboard the ship Teaterskeppet. Meet the boat at her mooring at Skeppsbron, near the Royal Castle at 8 am. Note the early start!

08.00-17.00 Conference

18.00-22.00 Conference dinner and boat trip in the archipelago


Thursday June 10

08.00-17.00 Conference - at the Royal Academy of Sciences


Friday June 11

08.00-16.00 Conference - at the Royal Academy of Sciences



Invited Speakers

N. Pelc, Stanford University, USA "Inverse Geometry Computed Tomography"

B. Dolgoshein, Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute, Russia, "Silicon Photomultiplers"

A. Persson, Linköpings University, Sweden, "Spectral CT in Medical Imaging"

W. Moses, LBNL, Berkeley, USA, "Time of Flight PET Imaging"

C. David, Paul Scherrer Institut, Villigen, Switzerland, "X-ray Phase Contrast Imaging"

R. Levinson, GE Healthcare, Haifa, Israel “Clinical Applications of Photon counting CT”

F. Sauli, CERN, "Imaging with the GEM"

E. Roessl, Philips Research Europe – Hamburg, Germany, “Preclinical Spectral CT”

A. Riess, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA, “Seeing Dark Energy”

A. Badano, FDA, USA, "In silico imaging: possibilities and challenges"

M. Pearce, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden, "Precision studies of cosmic ray matter and antimatter with PAMELA"

Z. He, Ann Arbor, USA, "3D Position Sensitive,room-temperature gamma-ray imaging spectrometers"

A. Del Guerra, Pisa, Italy, "Si Photo Multipliers for PET"

A. Boston, Liverpool, UK, "Medical Imaging with Germanium Detectors?"

K. Vetter, UC Berkeley, USA, "High-Resolution Compton Imaging: From Concept to Applications"

M. Campbell, CERN, “Next Generation of Medipix for Spectral Imaging”

F. Beekman, TU Delft, The Netherlands,"Spatial resolution and efficiency-fundamental limits and state-of-the art of SPECT"

M. Nessi, CERN, “Applications of the ATLAS detector technology”

J. Boone, University of California Davis, USA, “Breast CT”

R. Nishikawa, University of Chicago, USA, “Computer Aided Detection and Diagnosis”

D. Chakraborty, University of Pittsburgh, USA, “Recent developments in imaging system assessment methodology”

H. Hertz, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden, “Liquid-metal-jet-anode x-ray tubes for phase imaging”

J. Siewerdsen, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA, “From Image Science to Image-Guided Surgery”

S. Murray, Harvard, USA, “How X-ray optics gave us another image of the universe”

P. Aspelin, Karolinska Institute, Sweden, “Challenges in Medical Imaging”

Imaging 2010