Inspired from high-energy physics our group has pioneered photon counting x-ray imaging and our research resulted in the Microdose Mammography system currently marketed by Philips. We were first to build a photon counting x-ray imaging system in clinical use and approved by FDA. We have also invented portal imaging devices for verification and optimization of radiation therapy. This work was performed in collaboration with the Karolinska Institute in Solna, Sweden and is part of C-RAD, a company listed on the Stockholm NASDAQ OMX stock exchange. We have also been pioneers in the area of multi-prism x-ray focusing devices, first evaluation of the saw tooth lens was published in Nature in 2000. We have currently constructed a detector for photon counting spectral CT, that for the first time can cope with the very high rates in this modality.

In summary the work in our group has led to a number of innovations installed in clinics in over 40 countries and used in more than 10 million patient examinations. In independent evaluations of the research in our group we have always received top scores both for scientific excellence and for impact on society. We think it is fair to say that we are one of the leading groups in the world in medical imaging research.